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Forage Pests

In many years forage producers are plagued with insect pests that can be devasting to pastures, thus reducing the amount of forage for either harvest and conservation as hay or for grazing livestock. The publications listed below discuss those pests and management strategies for most of the common forage pests, including grasshoppers and fall armyworms.

There are several pyrethroid products available for control of fall armyworms and grasshoppers. These products are relatively low-cost and have few, if any, grazing or harvest restrictions. Some of the products to check out include Mustang, Tombstone, and Lambda-Cy.

Pests of Permanent and Improved Pastures

Grasshopper Control in Pastures, Rangeland, and Non Crop Areas 2002

Prevathon for Grasshopper Control in Pastures

Pictures of fall armyworm to help in identification.