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Forage Research

Faculty members of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station and Texas Cooperative Extension have ongoing forage research trials in various parts of Texas. These research trials include developing new forage cultivars, evaluating new forage varieties in specific environments, and determining animal performance with various grazing trials. Listed below are some publications regarding Forage Research and links to research-related topics.

Forage Research in Texas This is an on-line journal with progress reports regarding forage research in various parts of the state.

Forage Legume Web Site This site contains several interesting topics including the new virus-tolerant arrowleaf clover, a clover planting guide, and important management strategies regarding clover species selection, establishment, management, and utilization.

Tifton 85, Coastal Bermudagrass, and Supplement for Backgrounding Fall Born Calves During the Summer This Animal Science Research Report details the differences in growing beef cattle performance of calves on 'Coastal' bermudagrass versus 'Tifton 85' bermudagrass.

Small Grain and Annual Ryegrass Variety Trial Results for the current year. This is Dr. Lloyd Nelson's annual report of his wheat, oat, and rye,variety trial results from the Texas A&M University Agricultural Research & Extension Center at Overton. Dr. Nelson also has annual ryegrass variety trial results from both Overton and Beaumont for 2004Or, check out the annual ryegrass variety trial results from Overton for 2005.

Here is a link to a PDF file that compares seeded bermudagrass varieties from a variety trial conducted at the TAMU - Overton Center.

If you are interested in Alfalfa Research in East Texas, click on this link for the latest information.

If you are interested in forage sorghum variety trials or animal performance information from TAMU - Amarillo or TAMU - Lubbock, check out these links.