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Weed and brush management is always a popular discussion topic for forage managers. Check out the publications listed below for more information on weed and brush management strategies.

New from Dow AgroSciences is Sendero, a new standard for mesquite control.  Click here for a FAQ sheet. 

Bayer has a new herbicide for bermudagrass pastures, Pastora, that controls many broadleaf and grassy weeds. Among the many grassy weeds controlled are grassbur and johnsongrass. Be sure and check the label for all of the >100 species controlled.

NEW from Dow! The new broadleaf herbicide Milestone that does not require a pesticide applicators license and is not restricted for use in 2,4-D restricted counties.

SCS 2004 20 Noxious Weed Alert

Managing Wildlife Habitat Using Individual Plant Treatment

New herbicides for woody species from Dow AgroSciences!

Finally! A true pre-emergent herbicide for NEWLY ESTABLISHED (only) bermudagrass

Herbicide or Mowing? Which is the least expensive?

Herbicide, mowing, fertilizer...What should I do?

Herbicides Labeled for Pasture Use

Sprayer Calibration

Chemical Weed and Brush Control Suggestions for Rangeland B-1466

Suggestions for Weed Control in Pastures and Forages B-5038